American Longhair cattery

American Longhair Cattery: Experience The Best Of Feline Companionship

Are you looking to add a feline companion to your family? Do you want a cat that is beautiful, loving and independent? Well, look no further than the American Longhair cattery. The American Longhair cat breed is a gentle and intelligent cat that enjoys being around people. This particular cat breed boasts beautiful longhair, a playful demeanor, and a lot of love to give.

In this article, we will explore why the American Longhair cat breed is a perfect addition to any family, the advantages of adopting a cat from an American Longhair cattery, and what you need to know before bringing a cat from this breed home.

Meet The American Longhair Cat Breed

The American Longhair, also known as the Maine Coon or simply Coon, is a large and beautiful breed of domestic cat. Although the origins of the breed are unclear, it is believed that the American Longhair breed may have originated in North America. This cat breed is said to have originated from ship cats and Norwegian Forest Cats that mated with the local feral cats.

American Longhair cats come in a mixed range of colors like silver, black, red, and tabby in a classic or mackerel pattern. Usually, American Longhair cats have huge bodies, long fur, and large ears, which set them distinctly apart from other cat breeds. They are strong and agile, with a loving personality and are exceptional hunters.

Advantages of Adopting from an American Longhair Cattery

When considering adopting a feline companion, it is essential to research the options available to you. One excellent option to explore is adopting a cat from an American Longhair cattery. Here are the advantages of adopting from these breeders.

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1. Breeding and Health Standards – American Longhair catteries are dedicated to breeding cats that meet set standards of health, temperament, and appearance. They take extra care to ensure that their kittens are healthy before allowing them to be adopted.

2. Socialization – Kittens from American Longhair catteries are raised in a home environment, where they learn to socialize and interact with people and other felines.

3. Pedigree – When adopting from an American Longhair cattery, you will get to know the pedigree of your cat, which means that you will know their ancestry and any genetic health risks that come with the breed.

Things To Consider When Bringing An American Longhair Cat Home

1. Space – American Longhair cats are large and need space to move around. Therefore, a large living space is essential, preferably with access to the outdoors.

2. Grooming – American Longhair cats have long hair which requires grooming. Therefore, brushing their fur at least once a week is essential to keep them healthy.

3. Nutrition – Choosing the right food for your American Longhair is crucial. Like any other feline, they need proper nutrition to stay healthy.


Q: Do American Longhair cats get along well with other animals?
A: It depends on the individual animal’s personality and socialization, but American Longhair cats generally get along well with other cats and pets.

Q: Do American Longhair cats require special grooming?
A: Yes, because of their longhair, American Longhair cats require regular brushing to maintain a healthy coat.

Q: What kind of temperament do American Longhair cats have?
A: American Longhair cats are known for their intelligence and gentle temperament, making them excellent companions.

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Q: Is it expensive to adopt a cat from an American Longhair cattery?
A: The cost of adopting from an American Longhair cattery varies, but it is generally more expensive than adopting from a typical animal rescue.

Q: How long do American Longhair cats live?
A: The average lifespan of an American Longhair cat is between 12-15 years.


In conclusion, the American Longhair cat breed is a fantastic cat for those seeking a loving, loyal companion. They are a hardy and healthy breed with a playful and gentle personality that makes them perfect for families with children or other pets. Adopting from an American Longhair cattery ensures that you get a happy and healthy feline companion that adds joy and a wonderful new member to your family.