Angorakat cattery

Title: Angorakat Cattery- The Best Place to Find Your Furry Companion

As a cattery that provides high-quality and affectionate cats, Angorakat is dedicated to providing excellent service to all its clients. With a passion for felines, this cattery ensures that customers can find the perfect companion to suit their needs and preferences.

Whether you are looking for a playful kitten or a mature and lovable feline, Angorakat has an array of options to choose from. With years of experience in breeding, animal care, and management, the cattery has gained a reputation as one of the best in the Netherlands.

Here’s why Angorakat cattery stands out as a top choice for anyone looking for a furry friend:

1. Exceptional Breeding Standards

At Angorakat, breeding is done to the highest standard of quality, ensuring that every kitten is healthy, well-adjusted, and socialized. The cattery believes in creating healthy bloodlines, and each cat is tested for genetic diseases before breeding.

2. Personalized Attention

Angorakat believes that each cat is unique and deserving of individual attention. The cattery takes the time to speak to each client and learn about their requirements, preferences, and lifestyle, allowing them to find the perfect companion for their home.

3. Safe and Hygienic Environment

The health and safety of each cat is a top priority at Angorakat. The cattery is kept clean, well-ventilated, and comfortable, ensuring that all felines are healthy and happy in their surroundings.

4. Full-Time Care

Angorakat offers full-time care for each cat, providing them with love, attention, and care, whenever they need it. With round-the-clock assistance available, customers can rest assured that their beloved furry friends are well taken care of.

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5. A Wide Selection of Felines

Angorakat has a wide selection of cats, ranging from pedigree breeds to mixed breeds, ensuring that there is a feline for everyone. With different personalities, ages, and colors, there is something to suit every preference.


1. What Breeds of Cats Are Available at Angorakat?
We offer a wide selection of cat breeds, including Ragdolls, Persians, Siamese, British Shorthairs, and more.

2. How Do I Choose the Right Cat for Me?
Our team will help you choose your ideal cat, depending on your lifestyle, preferences, and requirements, to ensure that you find your perfect companion.

3. Do You Ship Cats?
We do not ship cats; however, we can recommend professional pet transport services that can help you transport your furry friend safely.

4. Are Your Cats Healthy?
All our cats are thoroughly tested for genetic diseases, vaccinated, de-wormed, and given a clean bill of health before leaving our cattery.

5. What Should I Expect When I Adopt a Cat from Angorakat?
You can expect a healthy, affectionate, and well-socialized cat that is ready to become your loving companion. Our team will also provide you with all the necessary information and advice on cat care and nutrition.


Angorakat cattery is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a high-quality cat. With exceptional breeding standards, personalized attention, and expert care, this cattery will provide you with a furry friend that will bring you lots of joy and happiness. Contact us today to learn more about our cats and services.