Canadian Hairless cattery

Canadian Hairless Cattery: An In-depth Look into the Breed

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Canadian Hairless Cattery, where we will take an informative look into the breed, their unique features, and why they make great pets. As a reputable cattery, we believe it is essential to educate potential owners before adopting a new pet.

What is a Canadian Hairless Cattery?

Canadian Hairless Cattery, also known as the Sphynx, is a rare breed of cat that took the world by storm in the 1960s. They are unique in that they have hairless bodies without any whiskers, making them stand out in a crowd. However, their lack of fur does not mean they are any less affectionate than other cats.

Physical Description of a Canadian Hairless Cattery

Canadian Hairless Cattery has a muscular body, wrinkled skin with a maximum weight of 8 to 11 pounds. They sport large, wide-set ears and an elongated head, giving them a distinctive look. Although they have fur, it is short and feels like suede, making them incredibly soft to the touch. Their eyes are large and round, amplifying their adorable nature.

In contrast, the lack of fur makes the cat look different from other feline breeds. The absence of fur means that their skin is visible, and that is why you can observe their wrinkled skin. For many cat owners, their soft skin is an added advantage as they enjoy snuggling with their pets.

Personality and Temperament of a Canadian Hairless Cattery

Don’t let their appearance fool you; Canadian Hairless Cattery is incredibly affectionate and has a charming personality. They love nothing more than being by your side, cuddling and displaying their playful nature. They are intelligent and curious, always exploring and seeking attention from their owners.

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Furthermore, these cats make loyal pets and thrive on interactions with their owners. They become unhappy if left alone for long hours, and as a result, they make the best pets for those looking for a furry friend to keep company.

Caring For Your Canadian Hairless Cattery

Caring for a Canadian Hairless Cattery is easy, but requires special attention. Being a hairless breed, they are susceptible to skin irritations and infections; therefore, you need to clean their skin regularly and avoid exposing them to harsh temperatures. Grooming your cat entails wiping them with a damp cloth and providing them with the necessary nutrients and vaccinations.

Additionally, these cats have high metabolisms that require frequent feeding, so investing in a proper diet rich in proteins is essential. They also need lots of love, playtime, and attention, so ensure that you set aside time each day to bond with them.


1. How often should I clean my Canadian Hairless Cattery’s skin?
Ans: Since Canadian Hairless Cattery has sensitive skin, we recommend cleaning their skin once a week using a gentle cloth.

2. Do hairless breeds get cold?
Ans: Yes. Hairless breeds such as Canadian Hairless Cattery require warm temperatures and comfortable environments to live in.

3. What type of food is best for Canadian Hairless Cattery?
Ans: Canadian Hairless Cattery requires a protein rich diet that is high in nutrients.

4. How much do Canadian Hairless Cattery cats weigh?
Ans: Adamoffcats’ Canadian Hairless Cattery cats weigh between 8 to 11 pounds.

5. Do Canadian Hairless Cattery cats shed?
Ans: No. Canadian Hairless Cattery cats are hairless and do not shed.

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In conclusion, Canadian Hairless Cattery cats are a unique and charming breed that make the best lifelong companions. While they require specialized care and attention, they provide unconditional love and devotion to their owners. If you’re looking for a loyal, playful, and affectionate feline friend, consider adopting a Canadian Hairless Cattery.