Khorat cattery

Khorat cattery: A Comprehensive Guide to These Adorable Cats

Looking for a feline companion that’s both affectionate and energetic? Khorat cats might be just what you’re looking for! These precious felines are increasingly becoming popular, and it’s easy to see why!

Here at Khorat Cattery, We take immense pride in our breed of cats and are devoted to raising them. In this guide, we’ll be exploring every aspect of Khorat cats, giving you all the information you need to understand, appreciate and care for such a unique and wonderful breed.

1. What is a Khorat Cat?
Khorat cats, also known as Maew Boran in Thailand, where they originated from, is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats. These felines with their unique blue-grey coat are affectionate, playful, and energetic. It’s easy to see why they’re fast becoming popular with cat lovers worldwide.

2. What Are The Characteristics Of Khorat Cats?
Khorat cats are medium-sized felines with a muscular build, almond-shaped green eyes, and a blue-grey coat with a silver sheen. Khorat’s most unique feature is their heart-shaped head, which makes them even more adorable.

As a breed, they are excellent hunters, and their agility and athleticism make them great jumpers. They are also highly adaptable and can fit into almost any environment with ease.

3. Personality Of Khorat Cats
Khorat cats are intelligent, playful, and affectionate felines that bond well with their owners. They are attention seekers and require a lot of affection and stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.

Khorat cats love being around people and are known to follow their owners around the house. They have a unique voice that is considered “chatty,” and they love to communicate with their owners.

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4. Health And Care
Khorat cats are generally healthy and have a lifespan of around 14-16 years. However, like all breeds, they can suffer from certain health conditions such as:

• Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)
• Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

It’s important to have regular vet check-ups to ensure your Khorat’s health and well-being.

5. Feeding
Khorat cats are not fussy eaters; however, they require a healthy, balanced diet to maintain their optimal weight and health. It’s recommended to feed them high-quality cat food rich in protein.

6. Grooming
Khorat cats have a short and shiny coat, which doesn’t require much maintenance. They shed occasionally, and regular brushing will suffice to keep their coat shiny and manageable.

7. Training and Exercise
Khorat cats are intelligent, and they love to play. It’s essential to provide them with lots of toys, scratching posts and play areas where they can fulfil their natural need for exercise and exploration.

8. Breeding
Khorat cats are rare and considered a national treasure in Thailand. They were declared an endangered species by CITES in 1971. Breeding is controlled and regulated to preserve the purity of the breed.

9. Conclusion
Khorat cats are a wonderful breed of felines that make fantastic pets. Their unique personality, adorable heart-shaped head, and blue-silver coat make them an excellent addition to any home. With regular care and attention, Khorat cats can provide years of companionship and joy.


1. What’s the origin of the Khorat cat?
Khorat cats originated from Thailand and are considered a national treasure.

2. Are Khorat cats easy to care for?
Khorat cats are not high maintenance; however, they require care, attention and regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

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3. Are Khorat cats hypoallergenic?
Khorat cats are not hypoallergenic; however, their short and shiny coat makes them less prone to shedding.

4. Can Khorat cats live with other pets?
Khorat cats are great with other pets and can easily adapt to living with other animals.

5. What’s the lifespan of a Khorat cat?
Khorat cats have a lifespan of approximately 14-16 years, provided they are well cared for, healthy and happy.

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