Kinkalow cattery

Kinkalow cattery: Bringing home the cutest feline friend

Looking for a perfect addition to your family but cannot find one? Worry no more, as Kinkalow cattery has got your back by providing you with adorable, friendly and compact Kinkalow kittens to be your perfect companion.

At Kinkalow Cattery, we are dedicated to serving our customers with the best of our services as compared to other cat breeders. In regards to our aim of giving our clients satisfactory services, we ensure we meticulously breed our short-legged kittens to produce the ultimate, adorably friendly Kinkalow cats. Here at Kinkalow cattery, we take great pride in producing the highest quality kittens with superior breed characteristics and excellent personalities.

Our unique hybrid breed is unlike any other cats, with their compact and adorable body measuring about 6-9 pounds, they are easy to take care of and make for perfect apartment pets. With our breeding expertise and exceptional process, we create a healthy, well-socialized and beautiful litter of kittens that come with a health guarantee.

Our Kinkalow kittens are a blend of the best characteristics of two amazing breeds which are Scottish Folds and Munchkins, and with this, we are able to produce unique and adorable feline friends that will be your forever companions. Kinkalow breeds are intelligent, playful, curious and they love attention, and that is why we strongly recommend families with young children and the elderly adopt them as their furry friends.

Are Kinkalow cats Hypoallergenic?

Kinkalow cats are generally hypoallergenic, which means that they produce fewer allergens than other breeds. However, it is important to bear in mind that people with cat allergies may still be plagued by symptoms, thus, we also recommend you to spend some time with the Kinkalow cat to check your compatibility with them before adoption.

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How to care for your Kinkalow cat?

The Kinkalow breed requires moderate care and attention. They require weekly brushing to ensure their coat remains healthy, and it is important to keep their nails well-trimmed.

Kinkalow cats have a low centre of gravity, which makes them very good jumpers, thus, it is essential to ensure that your space is secure enough to provide them with a stable environment to jump around in.

Where can you adopt a Kinkalow Today?

Our cattery is based in the beautiful region of Zuid-Holland. We sell our kittens to customers globally, both in Europe and beyond. We pride ourselves in exporting our cute furry friends to different parts of the world in Asia, America, and Africa.

You can visit our website to browse through our available kittens in order to identify which one fit you and your family best before approaching us for adoption.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, Kinkalow cattery provides you with unique and adorable feline companions that are easy to take care of and fit different families. Our aim is to provide our customers with satisfied services and ensure we establish a long-lasting relationship with our clients. So if you want to create a happy household, look into adopting one of our exclusive Kinkalow cats today!