Sokoke Forest Cat

Sokoke Forest Cat: An Endangered Feline Species

The Sokoke Forest Cat, also known as the Khadzonzo in its native homeland, is a rare breed of cat that comes from the coastal forests of Kenya. The Sokoke Forest Cat is deemed to be an endangered species due to its small population. The Sokoke Forest Cat is a unique species that has adapted to the biodiverse coastal forest environment.

Physical Description

The Sokoke Forest Cat has a wild appearance with its slender body, short hair, and a narrow face. They have a pointed muzzle and green eyes. The coat color is tabby with a unique circular pattern that develops with age. The Sokoke Forest Cat weighs between six and ten pounds and has a height of between ten to fourteen inches at the shoulder.

History and Breed Origin

The Sokoke Forest Cat is thought to have evolved within the forests of the East African coast. The breed was discovered in 1978 when Jeni Slater discovered a half-wild kitten in a forest near the Kenyan coast. She took the kitten in and bred her with her Siamese cats. The kittens exhibited a unique tabby coat pattern. Slater then gave some kittens to her friend, Gloria Moeldrop, who started breeding them.

Sokoke Forest Cat Breed Standards

In 1993, the Sokoke Forest Cat was recognized as a distinct breed of cat. The breed was accepted into the Championship class in 2004 by The International Cat Association (TICA). The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) also recognizes the Sokoke Forest Cat as an experimental breed. The breed standard emphasizes the physical and behavioral traits.

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Personality Traits

The Sokoke Forest Cat is an agile and strong feline that loves to climb and run around. They are playful and attentive to their surroundings. These cats love their owners and can be comfortable being held. They are also independent, making them suitable pets for people who work long hours.

Keeping Sokoke Forest Cats

Sokoke Forest Cats are excellent pets due to their intelligence and affectionate nature. They are incredibly adaptable to different living situations, making them perfect apartment pets. The breed requires moderate grooming because of their short hair, making them low maintenance. Sokoke Forest Cat owners should ensure they are on a healthy diet and get regular exercise to prevent obesity.

Breed Health Issues

The Sokoke Forest Cat is a robust and healthy cat breed with no specific health-related problems. However, owners should keep an eye out for standard health issues such as dental problems, obesity, and diseases that may develop in any similar breed.


1.What is the lifespan of a Sokoke Forest Cat?

A Sokoke Forest Cat has a lifespan between twelve and fourteen years with proper care.

2.What is the price of a Sokoke Forest Cat?

The price of a Sokoke Forest Cat depends on the breeder’s location and the kitten’s age. However, they can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000.

3.How different is the Sokoke Forest Cat breed from other cat breeds?

The Sokoke Forest Cat is unique due to its circular tabby pattern and history of adapting to the coastal forest environment.

4.Can Sokoke Forest Cats live with other cats and children?

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Yes, Sokoke Forest Cats are friendly and love companionship. They coexist well with other cats and are excellent with children.

5.Do Sokoke Forest Cats require specific dietary requirements?

No. Sokoke Forest Cats have no specific dietary requirements. However, it is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for optimal metabolism.


The Sokoke Forest Cat is a unique breed of cat that is native to the coastal forests of Kenya. It is a rare and endangered species with a wild appearance and adaptable nature. These cats make great apartment pets due to their intelligence, affectionate nature, and low maintenance requirements. Owning a Sokoke Forest Cat requires a balanced diet and regular exercise to maintain their health. Breeding Sokoke Forest Cats ensures the continuation of an endangered and ancient species.